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The market of non-alcoholic beverages has changed in the last years because of alterations in the people´s habits of consumption. On the basis of the newest medical findings the health consciousness of the people developed further and thereby new trends arose especially in the enhanced consumption of organic, eco, prebiotic and probiotic food. The new consumer awareness also leads to a greater demand for products with health enhancing qualities.

Athletes or physically active people increasingly request special sport beverages. Such sport beverages shall supply them with nutrients on a natural basis.


The present invention relates to a method for producing a pre- and probiotic, protein-rich, fermented sport beverage on the basis of un- or low hopped malt-barley wort.

One essential step for preparing the sports drink according to the present invention is the production of mashing liquor from spent grains as well as a special preparation process for the malt-barley matrix of wort.

Beside the recipe, the defined preparation of spent grains, malt and barley provides the basis for a good working lautering process and is the requirement for the production, the special taste and the protein content of the sport beverage obtained.

Anwendungsmöglichkeiten / Possible applications:

The sport beverage can be used after physical or sports activity as it is suitable for the body’s regeneration, because it serves in /causes:

  • replenishing the carbohydrates reserves of the body,
  • supplying the body with necessary proteins, polyphenols, essential amino acids, vitamins and/or minerals.
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Show all techoffers Vorteile / Benefits:
  • No need for additional application of enzymes
  • Optimal ratio of nutrients is achieved naturally
  • Alcohol content <0,5vol%
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Pre Product

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alcohol-free, Beverage, brewing, lautering, malt, protein. sports, regeneration
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EP, PCT pending

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Technische Universität Berlin; Griffith University

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