Real Time Approaches for Video Genre Classification

08043/TUB: Real Time Approaches for Video Genre Classification


This technology for video-genre classification developed at TU Berlin provides applications for personal video recorders and for an automatic classification of audio-visual data for the internet and for search engines.

A main challenge in the field of multimedia content analysis is the transformation of human interpretations of audio-visual data to correlating machine processable representations. This invention analyses such contents with the help of high-level audio-visual descriptors and of classification methods. To give an example: If you wish to distinguish between the genres ‘cartoon’ and ‘non-cartoon’, the performance of several combinations of the newly developed descriptors and classification methods is analyzed.

A classification accuracy (CA) of 95.6 % is achieved by using two hidden Markov models (HMM). For the distinction between the features ‘commercial’ and ‘non-commercial’ a CA of 98.4 % can be achieved by using two HMM. A decision tree results in a CA of 95.5 % for music videos and a CA of 91.9 % for news. When distinguishing between ‘sport’ and ‘non-sport’, Bayes’ Theorem achieves a CA of 95.2 %.



Anwendungsmöglichkeiten / Possible applications:

This technology is suitable for consumer electronics, especially for recording a video signal, and can be used by large video archives or by any other industry dealing with the problem described.

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  • High identification rates of more than 90% for each genre
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classification tool, content analysis, Genre analysis, multimedia, real-time
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US - granted

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Technische Universität Berlin

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