Fluid Distribution Arrangement

13054/TUB: Fluid Distribution Arrangement


Current fluid distribution systems can be divided into two classes: spraying systems and drip off systems. Spraying systems need a defined pressure to spread the fluid, thus requiring additional energy input. Drip off systems only use gravity and thus only require a specific hydrostatic height. Even so, those systems are generally less prone to dirt particles inside the fluid, therefore methods to prevent soiling are needed.

Technical Description

The aim of this technology is to provide a fluid distribution arrangement that is easy to produce and has an improved tolerance against soiling. Thus, a distribution system has been developed that consists of at least 2 perforated shelfs, where metal pins are plugged through the holes in a manner that they end slightly below the lower bottom. Between both shelfs there is a little free space left through which the liquid can pass into the system. That is necessary to bathe the bundle of pipes located below the distribution system. Holes and pins are dimensioned in a way that in the lower bottom a small annular gap is formed between them. That gap is ought to be big enough to allow the fluid to run through the holes, but small enough to prevent dirt particles to cover the whole opening

Schematic profile (upper drawing) and scenography (lower drawing) of the fluid distribution arrangement

Anwendungsmöglichkeiten / Possible applications:

Areas of overflowed tube bundle heat exchangers (e.g. in absorption cooling plants)

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Show all techoffers Vorteile / Benefits:
  • Easy and cost-efficient manufacturing
  • Improved tolerance against dirt particles
  • Excellent scalability of the system à easy adaption to different use cases
  • Easy and uniform spreading of fluids on cooling plant by low costs
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heat exchanger, refrigeration system, sorption, Tube bundle heat exchanger
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