Accelerated Lautering Process

12006/TUB: Accelerated Lautering Process


Within the common process of grinding and lautering malt it is known that a smaller particle size comes on the one hand with a higher extract yield and on the other unfortunately with a longer lautering time. The so-called MEBAK guidelines specify a commonly used composition of the malt constituents to optimize the tradeoff between extract yield and lautering time.

Technical Description:

A technology called accelerated Lautering process allows for an optimized lautering process with both a high extract yield and a minimized lautering time which lies beyond the MEBAK guidelines. After investigating the effects of different malt constituents on the lautering process, the researchers identified an optimized composition of the malt constituents that differs from the commonly used MEBAK values, and used it for further testing.

This inventive lautering process is designed to produce a superior malt composition. To make this improved malt composition easily accessible the researchers also optimized the design of the respective malt mill.

Figure 1: Testing the lautering process

Anwendungsmöglichkeiten / Possible applications:

This improved Lautering process can be used in the beverage industry – especially in the beer industry – to reduce the process time and to enhance the oxidative stability of the resulting beverages.

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Show all techoffers Vorteile / Benefits:
  • High extract yield
  • Lautering time 20 times shorter
  • Improved malt composition
  • Advanced mill design
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Lab level

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brewing, Lautering process, malt, malt composition, MEBAK guidelines
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Granted patent in DE, Priority January 2012

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Technische Universität Berlin

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