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Coupling Device

The Sling – Improved Anchorage for CFRP Tension Members

Synthesis of Nanoparticles

Stall Warning Indicator

Combustion Control

Pixel Processing

Gegendruckvorrichtung zum indirekten Strangpressen

Seegangsunabhängiges Ölunfallbekämpfungs-System (SOS-System)

Mussel-Based Bioadhesives

Production of Hydrosilanes

Sports Beverage


Method and Apparatus for Z-folding of Batteries

Optoelectronic Device

Chip-integrated Optical Sensor

LED Light Coupler

IFGARD (Internal Field Guarded Active Region Device)

Data Coding Using Sparse Mixture of Experts Regression

Automatic Launch and Recovery System

Swirl-stabilized Burner

Pitch Control System

Ozonation via Membrane Contactors

Electrodynamic Transducer

Method for Testing Bonding Connections

Haptic System

Heavy-Wire Bond Arrangement

Fluid Distribution Arrangement

Energy Efficient Wagon Construction

Method for Operating a Cooling System

Verfahren und Messgerät zum Messen der Sauerstoffsättigung im Blut

Malting Method

Mesoporous Metal Oxide Films

Accelerated Lautering Process

Memory Cell for Data Storage - I

Betonschalung für porenfreie Betonoberflächen

Microstructured Polymer Stent

Real Time Approaches for Video Genre Classification

Verfahren zur Schleifkornbestimmung

Network of Reactors for Alkane Oxidative Coupling

Memory Cell for Data Storage - II

Knee Orthosis

Artificial Tooth

Photon Pair Source

Memory Cell for Data Storage - IV

Single Antenna FMCW Radar Front-End

Memory Cell for Data Storage - III

Peristaltic Micro Pump

Method for Determining a Frequency Response

Torque and Force Sensor

Fluidized-Bed Membrane Reactor

Positioning of Nanostructures

Parametric Motion Vector Derivation for Video Coding

Temporal Trajectory Filter

Single or Entangled Photon Source

Miniaturized Hose Pinch Valve

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